Why do I need my site ranked high on search engines?

A significant amount of web site traffic reach web sites via search engines and directories. When searching, most people will not explore below the third or fourth page of a search engine's results page - so If your site is not listed on these engines, or if your listing is too low down, then a large number of people may not even realise your site exists! By optimiing your site properly for search engines you are increasing your chances of grabbing the attention of these potential visitors and inviting them to visit your web site.

Do I need to submit my web site to search engines manually?
Submitting your web site to a search engine means that all you have done is, essentially, sent a request to them asking that they include your site in their directory of internet links the next time they update their listings. These days, manually submitting your site to the modern search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, etc) is unneccessary, since they are extremely good on picking up on a properly optimised website. Many different search engines often use the same information to compile their listings (for example, Alta vista uses Yahoo's directory for their content).

What is "search engine optimisation"?
This means either altering your existing web site, or (creating a whole new web site) so that it is designed to offer you the best possible chance of getting a high ranking in any search engine you are submitted to, based on the key words and phrases you are particularly interested in targeting. This can include such things as adding suitable "meta-tag" information, removing problematic HTML code such as Framesets and unnecessary Javascript or making alterations to the visible text content on specific areas of your site.

Optimisation of your web site is the primary service that Get Me Hits can offer you. Go here to find out more. We have been performing search engine optimisation and submissions on web sites for many years, to great success. many of the sites we have designed and optimised can be found on our sister site at www.invernessonline.com.

Why bother with search engine optimisation?
Without properly optimisation of your web site, you wont get a suitably high ranking in any of the major search engines (assuming you get ranked at all), which makes your only real source of traffic is likely to be people who already know your site exists through other advertising, meaning your missing out on a LOT of potential visitors & customers.

What search engine optimisation services do you offer?
At Get Me Hits we can offer you a variety of products and services designed to aid your web site in improving it's search engine ranking and increasing the number of visitors to your web site. This can be as simple as a detailed report outlining problems we identify with your current web site up to a complete optimisation of specific sections of your site or even a complete web site redesign from the ground up.

Do I need to pay for services such as Google Adwords to get high search engine rankings?
Tools & Services such as Google Adwords can be useful when used correctly, but a strong search engine optimisation of your website is will get you just as high rankings without paying the engines any additional fees or subscription costs. In addition, many users of search engines will automatically ignore the sponsored listings and jump straight into the regular ranked web sites anyway. If you do wish to run a sponsored or "pay per click" scheme then we are happy to advise.

How much will your search engine optimisation services cost me?
We have a selection of different packages available depending on the level of help you require with your search engine optimisation. You can find out more details about each package here.

How long does your the site optimisation process take?
In general, optimising your web site and preparing it for a search engine submission would take roughly 24-48 hours, depending on the amount of work involved in preparing your web site. After that it is all in the hands of the search engines. It is important to realise that search engines will have set specific dates in which they update their database contents and nothing will happen with your site until they do this. Essentially we recommend that you allow roughly four to six weeks for the engines to have acknowledged the changes made to your website.
Please note that, as mentioned above, they engine is only CONSIDERING you for inclusion at this point, although our optimisation process will give you the best possible chance of being included and at a reasonably high ranking under your main targeted keywords the engines still have the right to refuse to list your website - for example if they are unhappy with the content of the site or the server you are using is blacklisted for whatever reason.

Is there anything I can do to prepare my site before you work on it?
The most important thing you can do is give us an idea of the sort of words and short phrases you are wanting to target in search engines. This should be balanced so that it is neither too vague (resulting in too many search engine results to be of any use) or too specific (which people are unlikely to think to type). For example : "Bed and Breakfast" is FAR too general to be of any use. "Edinburgh City Centre Bed and Breakfast" would be a more effective phrase to use. In order to make any changes to your site we will also require access to the web space to retrieve your files. To speed up this process it would be beneficial for you to have your FTP details to hand.

Do you use any "sneaky" or unethical optimisation tactics?
No. We take every effort to avoid using ANY of the more underhand tactics available when optimising your web site. These include such things as Alt Tag Stuffing, Doorway pages, Misleading Content, Unnecessary Redirection, Hidden text, Overuse of comment tags, Over-filled Meta Tags, among others. For one thing, the major search engines are alert to these tactics and the use of any of these techniques can result in your web site being banned from their listings.

After all that I'm still not happy with the results. What now!
If for any reason you are not happy with our service we are able to offer a complete refund.

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